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Explore the on-device database and SQLite alternative for object and vector data. This is the official ObjectBox documentation for Java/Kotlin, Dart/Flutter, and Python.

We're hiring! We believe resource-efficient coding is still cool 😎 and are looking for a C / C++ developer who shares our sentiment.

C++ and Swift: Check the docs in https://cpp.objectbox.io/ and https://swift.objectbox.io/.

🚀 Our mission is to revolutionize mobile app development by making it fast and efficient with our intuitive and user-friendly native-language APIs. With ObjectBox, you can easily store and synchronize objects in various programming languages such as Python, Java, C, Go, Kotlin, Dart, C++, and Swift. It works seamlessly across different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux, and you can even use it with Docker.

💚 Please share your feedback! Community feedback is very important for us as we strive to make ObjectBox better for our users. Our feedback form is anonymous and only takes 2 minutes to fill in. Every response is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance! 🙏

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🚩 Feel free to open an issue on GitHub (for Java & Kotlin or Dart/Flutter) or send us your comments to contact[at]objectbox.io - Thank you! - and if you like what you see, we also appreciate a shout out :) or GitHub star ⭐

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